A serious fear started in Southern Cyprus while the enthusiastic celebrations for independence are still to end in Kosovo. The Greek Cypriot media is worried of Kosovo’s being an example for Northern Cyprus. The media in Southern Cyprus, which generally voices exaggerated and excessive feelings in almost every issue, is actually worried not even enough in this issue. Of course what ever will be will be, but the Greek Cypriot is still to adopt a rationalistic way of acting during this process. “All rivers flow from heights to the sees; no river flowing from see to heights has ever been seen”, says truly, Turkey’s 9th president Süleyman Demirel. The Greek Cypriot media should accept the nature of rivers, instead of getting furious since they do not flow from sees to heights. They also accept the fact that fury, happiness, enthusiasm or grief can not change rivers’ directions. Greek Cypriot media has got responsibilities against its readers_ just like the media of any other country would do. That’s why; they have to act with realities but not with emotions. It has to do it although those truths do not coincide with the ones it told before, and even they hurt. It is a magical mystery of life and nature that those who do not accord with the change get degenerated with the change. Those who do not know how to reason with the change get marginalized, fall into aimlessness and disappear in non-existence. It is observed that the Greek Cypriot media has supported the ideas of Serb nationalists. According to Greek Cypriot journalists, Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence is an act that is against the international law. Moreover, the declaration of independence is invalid in the eye of laws and breaching the Security Council’s Resolution 1244 of 1999. While the Greek Cypriot media keeps supporting Serbia, as it did in 1990s, does not make any favours to Serbia, Kosovo or itself. That’s because, as said in a folk song, “waters don’t flow backwards. In the statements the Greek Cypriot Foreign Ministry made on Kosovo, the following basic truth is underlined: “International problems should be solved by the decisions of related UN Security Council decisions and the UN Chart”. This is a very true saying. Turkey says the same thing about Cyprus already. Although these statements are joyful, it is obvious that indirect statements are “concern raising”. Because, if the Greek Cypriot Sector really takes the UN as the right address for problems’ solutions, it should not have insisted on various other theses on Cyprus issue. But Southern Cyprus does even more than that. According to Southern Cyprus, Cyprus issue has no similarities with the Kosovo one. Even, there are two different situations. According to this view, Cyprus issue is a matter of Turkey’s invasion and related to its continuation. On the other hand, Kosovo issue is related to a region that declared unilateral independence and its separation. The Greek Cypriot Administration might have been right if the aforementioned statements were true. Nobody who is literate on the world has got a hesitation on the fact that Turkey had intervened with Cyprus in 1974 with its responsibilities stemmed from the international agreements and in order to bring genocide targeting Turks to an end. For this reason, Turkey’s military presence in the island today is not a “reason but a result”. Of course, following 1974, the problem should have been solved until now. Turkish side has always been the side who said “yes” and brought up suggestions. They said “yes” to the Annan plan with an absolute majority. There is, of course, a very important fact: Kosovo showed all of us that the ethnic conflicts could never be solved through negotiations. If negotiations are in progress, the Greek Cypriot side of the dispute always creates new problems anyway. That’s why; Turkish side has got the right to be hesitant and unwilling for sitting on the table of negotiations. Moreover, the Kosovo experience is heralding Turks that a new Turkish Republic will be recognised in the international arena. If there will be negotiations though, they will be between Southern and Northern Cyprus under the same conditions. Then the Greek Cypriots will have a reason for not saying “no”. The international society has to give Greek Cypriots a reason for “not saying no”. If embargoes and sanctions would make Cypriot Turks fed up, they will make them fade up by now. If not recognising Northern Cyprus would create a result, it would have created it by now. If threatening Turkey with deadlocking its full EU membership negotiations would pay off, that would have happened by now too. None of those worked. On the contrary the island has moved away from a solution. That’s why; a new method should be tried.
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