Iran’s religious leader Khamenei’s pressure policy over Mahmoud Ahmedinejad for appointing Ali Akbar Velayati, Supreme Leader' Senior Advisor on International Affairs, as the first vice-president failed. Khamenei has long been considering involving Ali Akbar Velayati in the government. Reports say Ahmedinejad’s recent unsuccessful foreign and domestic policy practices influenced this reflection of Khamenei who finds Vice President Parviz Davudi not active enough. However, the decision that Parviz Davudi should maintain his current position despite all kinds of pressure fuels the tension between Khamenei and Ahmedinejad. Regarding the mentioned events, Iran’s political circles comment that “religious leader Khamenei is having real hard time in controlling Ahmedinejad” and that “he proves unsuccessful to Ahmedinejad.” In the meanwhile, sources report that both the conservative and reformist camps found it irritating that Ahmedinejad carried on his bureaucratic affairs through administrators he trusted, who work directly under him, and that he very often disregarded ministers and senior bureaucrats on the issue of replacements. It is noted that these arbitrary practices considerably annoy Khamenei as well. On the other hand, reports say the economic and political crises deepen and the unrest is transmitted to the military wing as well. It is also noted that the declaration made by Ayatollah Hashemi Shahrudi, Head of the Judiciary, upon the recent developments saying “Even among the highest ranks of the military wing, there are severe contradictions regarding the functioning of policy of economy and politics.” verified the claims. It is expressed that Khamenei is raged by Ahmedinejad’s acting in contrary to the fatwas issued by him and even worse, Ahmedinejad’s accusing Hashemi Rafsanjani and his family of arranging themselves illegal profits. Reports say that Khamenei, upon recent developments, delivered certain “recommendatory” statements addressing at Ahmedinejad and said “To those who are responsible for domestic policy, I do advise them to be careful with what they say. Otherwise, they will be serving the enemy’s goals. Every single conflict raised today will facilitate the ways of Iranian people’s enemies.” Evaluating the issue, political experts highlight that Khamenei’s discourse is worth reflecting upon as it includes not only recommendations but also threats.
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