The following was said in the commentary appeared under the signature of Alekos Konstantinidis in 16 March 2006 issue of Alithia Newspaper: According to the report published by the International Crisis Group for Cyprus, if the Greek Cypriot leadership and more solidly, President Papadopulos refuses to move forward on this subject, the United Nations and other international partners of Cyprus should understand that the permanent division of the island in this way and the independence of the Northern part will occur automatically irrespective of its being recognized or not. If today’s state of the current status quo and lack of solution are maintained, the assessment voicing a warning that a permanent and final division will take place over time is an assessment that most of us and especially the foreigners repeat. I list a few examples in random: We read the following in the article written by Aleksis Iraklidis who is a university lecturer in international relations department on 12 March Sunday: “Tasos Papadopulos does not want to hear Annan Plan. He does not accept the logic of a flexible federation with two societies and with two regions that establishes a provision on the equality of two societies. This event will of course (…) lead to ultimate division unavoidably.” We also read an article written by Yorgos Hristodolidis in 3 March issue of Alithia newspaper (entitled Flexible Confederation: Is it the solution spread over time?): “As for now, it is seen that we have two alternatives: it is either reconciliation at the moment (…) or a flexible confederation with the existence of two societies.” Also, both DISI Chairman Nikos Anastasiadis and the Chairman of the United Democrats and the former President Yorgos Vasiliu repeat recently that the policy of lack of solution and policy spread over time pursued by Papadopoulos and the parties supporting it will lead the country to ultimate and permanent division. However the problem is that the assessment that is expressed to openly warn those who are responsible and if today’s state is maintained, that it will lead to division is not considered as a warning of the danger for a future extremely negative development. The expectation for division or permanent division is not frightening any more not only for those who govern but also for a great majority of the population. The idea of permanent division does not terrify anybody and especially the official leadership and as a result, the warnings that the foreigners and we make that the division is coming do not produce any results. Of course, those who prepared “The International Crisis Group Cyprus Report” did not realize this. For President Papadopoulos, Dimitris Hristofyas, Yannakis Omiru and other minor actors of our political stage the ultimate and permanent division is not a terrifying element, a bogey. On the contrary, the ultimate division that will take place with the creation of two states over time seem to meet the ambitions of those who rule us. Apart form this, the ultimate division that will take place with the creation of the two separate states is not a preference that will lead to reaction in the Greek Cypriot society as the editor in chief of the newspaper “Kathimerini” of Athens has mentioned in his last article. On the contrary, as Yorgos Hristodilis emphasized in his article from which I quoted: “while a deviation for division in consequence of our unavoidable failure of our not wishing a solution in the near future frightens many politicians, many Cypriots do not refuse division completely.” On the other hand, As Hristodilis emphasized, while there are not very many politicians that see division as frightening the Cypriots who do not refuse division and who do not consider division as something to be frightened of are many in number and their number is rising increasingly.
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