The following was stated in the commentary appeared in the 12 March 2006 issue of Alithia with the signature of Alekos Konstantinidis: Our politically wise people do not ignore to say that any solution to be introduced for the Cyprus problem must be based on the UN resolutions together with the soft refrain on a solution that must be functional and permanent. In his interview appeared on 5 March issue of “Alithia” newspaper the former Foreign Minister Nikos Rolandis mentioned about the final resolution of Security Council, that is Resolution no: 1475 stating that Annan plan is balanced and only ground for the future talks”. I quote from the last paragraph of the Resolution no 1475 concerning Annan Plan that is “of abnormal creation” for those who repeat everyday that the solution of the Cyprus problem should have the UN resolutions as basis: “The UN Security Council, provides support to the Secretary General’s balanced plan dated 26 February 2003 as the only ground for the future talks and invites all the relevant parties to negotiate within the framework of the Secretary General’s good office mission in order to reach a comprehensive solution as in the paragraphs 144 and 151 of the Secretary General’s report by using the plan. The Secretary General underlines his full support to the good office mission that has been transferred to him by Resolution 1250 and asks the Secretary General to continue his good office mission.” This is the latest decision of the UN Security Council. However, those who do not consider Annan Plan as the balanced and the only ground for the talks and who reject the plan defending that it should not be discussed at all by defining it as of abnormal creation beyond dispute and that it was born dead of course refuse this article. However, within the framework of this logic, it is necessary not to mention about the UN resolutions. For, it is necessary for those who reject it to consider the latest resolution of the Security Council as unacceptable. Moreover when we mention about the UN resolutions, we can not say that we accept not all of them but some of them. However, we should not forget that all the resolutions of Security Council confirm the previous resolutions and as a result, all the new resolutions of the UN will verify resolution no 1475. In consequence, it is necessary for our politically wise people to give up repeating that the solution of the Cyprus issue must be based on the UN resolutions. They should limit the soft refrain which the singers may memorize like rap music to functional and permanent solution.
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