Southern Cypriot leader continues his blackmail diplomacyThe Southern Cypriot President Dmitris Christophias has said his administration has “powerful friends and allies” in the European Union. These words contain a secret message. This message is not just Christophias’ own. Perhaps the cameras might be focused on Dmitris Christophias but the real danger comes not from Christophias, but those who use Cyprus as a pawn in the chess game with Turkey:Speaking at the press meeting held in the Presidential Palace regarding the recent developments on the Cyprus issue, Greek Cypriot leader Christophias was very cheerful. He was not without reason. The Cyprus issue is approaching its finale with increasing pace. The process leading to the end passes through some critical phases. Christophias has also said that “the situation is critical”.The process which was initiated as the “search for a solution for the Cyprus problem” has become “the project to exile the Turks to Asia”. It is probably for this reason that Christophias has said he is prepared to struggle with the difficult circumstances and the increasingly critical nature of the process. Perhaps the emphasis on strong friends and allies in the European Union came to the fore in Christophias’ speech, but the really important part was “Greek Cypriots are ready to fight against the difficult circumstances and unity should be established internally for this purpose”. What is going happen in Cyprus and its environs that is prompting Christophias to list his messages one after another?; -“We have strong friends and allies in the European Union.”-“We have a difficult and critical process ahead of us.”-“Let us ensure internal unity.”                Following Southern Cyprus taking over the European Union term presidency in the summer and around about the anniversary of Turkey’s intervention to the island in 1974, Christophias will take new steps.Of course it will be Christophias taking the steps, but as he himself insists, he has “strong friends and allies in the European Union.”                Southern Cyprus, Greece’s clone state in the Mediterranean wants to succeed in the new roe it has undertaken. The far right in the European Union and the political circles which support it no longer run their Turkey policy over bankrupt Greece. Southern Cyprus is more attractive for them. Southern Cyprus enjoys good relations with Israel. The relations between the two countries develop daily. Christophias and Netanyahu get along especially well on defence and energy issues. Similarly, relations between Israel and Greece are almost perfect. Sarkozy’s France is undoubtedly giving full support to these countries. It is clear that Germany is also involved in the equation. Had Germany not been in support of the project, the hyperactive Sarkozy could not have made these moves. Furthermore, Southern Cyprus, Israel and France are all trying to give their bilateral and multilateral relations with Armenia additional volume and depth and to develop a special structure.When one defines the European Union, one almost always makes use of two fundamental concepts. It is said that the European Union is a “peace project”. It is also said that the Union is a “civilisation project”. In other words the European Union is the peace project of the European civilisation. The values defended by the European Union, the principles it values and its visible sensitivities are part of its charm. ‘Blackmail diplomacy’ had not been among these up until now. No one would have thought that the European Union would resort to an alternative to the law in the resolution of disputes. Perhaps it is a first in the history of the European Union that the leader of a member state sends a message to the side making an effort at a solution by saying “we have strong friends and allies in the European Union.”It is clear from these words and this attitude that there will be no solution in Cyprus. When in a few months Southern Cyprus takes over the European Union term presidency, it will put into effect multi-dimensional and very detailed scenarios in order to pressurise Turkey from all sides.It is possible that relations between Turkey and the European Union will enter a coma. Perhaps there will be more. It seems that Turkey’s possible reflexes have been taken into consideration, so that Christophias talks about the approaching difficult period and the need for internal unity. It seems that the web of alliances under the leadership of Netanyahu is about to give the start to a very dangerous process.The European Union has aroused respect in the name of peace and civilisation. Now it has become the offensive project of the culture of conflict. On the surface efforts are being made to solve the Cyprus issue. However the real targets are different: the relations between Turkey and the European Union will be severed. While Arab countries on the Eastern Mediterranean watershed are troubled with their own problems, the oil and natural gas reserves in the region will be taken under control.This outlook may be seen as the greatest damage neo-liberalism has wrought on Europe. This situation of which Christophias brags is the Fukushima of European values.The European Union should not have become the venue for secret plans. The advantages conferred by the Union on its members should not have been used to set up traps and conspiracies against third countries. Membership of the European Union should cover certain capabilities regarding human development, democratic advancement, trading power and socio-economic maturity. These should not include policies of enmity and conditioning of opposition. In other worlds, a Union bearing the true values of Union should not abide by the morality of the sword.No one who trusts their sword and the power of their sword, who tries to legitimise unjust claims with the sword should have a place within the European Union. Historical mistakes and traumas should never be taken as guides. Europe should determine its stance by the law, conscience and morality instead of ties pertaining to Hellenism and Orthodoxy or Christianity and profit making.No one will derive any benefit from making the irrational obsessions of half the population of a small island the beacon for the future of an entire continent. When the day comes to look back on the past, one will clearly see where the terrible mistake was made but one might not have the power or resources to compensate for the losses thereby caused.
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