Harut Sassounian’s statements are not even funny but they are dangerousArmenia continues to make the same claims. The times are changing, the circumstances are changing, the climate is changing, concepts are changing, the world is changing and yet Yerevan remains the same. Armenia still demands territory from Turkey. This is because the political elite of Armenia have to serve those who have brought them to their current positions. If tensions continue to rise in this dangerous game, it will not yield good results for anyone. However the timing of the reiteration of these claims is truly terrifying.The Armenian Weekly newspaper has featured an article by Harut Sassounian, an important figure of the Diaspora. One should heed the timing. It is almost as though a time bomb is being set up. The following factors have all been taken into account in publishing this strange article now. Let us look at what else is going on.Terrorism in Turkey is on a sharp rise and the civil war in Turkey’s neighbouring Syria is threatening the entire Middle East due to Bashar Assad’s madness. Another neighbour, Iran, has been openly threatening Turkey and Iraq is making hostile statements regarding Turkey with great fervour. In the Gulf the USA is increasing its military presence and Iran is planning to block the Strait of Hormuz. Israel is waiting impatiently for strikes on Syria and Iran.Meanwhile, relations between Turkey and the European Union are in a coma because of Cyprus and the “sovereign economic zone” operation of Greece and Southern Cyprus, coordinated by Israel, is at the critical phase.The timing, as well as the content of the article has been determined according to these factors. Keep reading if you do not believe it.Harut Sassounian’s article in the Armenian Weekly is about “Western Armenia”. Armenia continues to disregard Turkey’s territorial unity and to speak of eastern Turkey as “Western Armenia”. There is no geographical or demographic basis for such a name. It is simply a result of the Armenian state’s ideological blindness, a remnant of its Tashnak Sutyun and ASALA days and its efforts to play the international and regional role it has been set. At a time in which the agenda is heavy with items, Turkey stands inside a circle of fire. It is not certain how long the Arab Spring will last and where this process will take the region. However, it has been producing instability with all of Turkey’s eastern neighbours mad the situation is likely to turn into a geopolitical earthquake. We will then see the crisis “vacuuming” entire regions. However, why is Sassounian playing the postman now? Why is the puppeteer sending his messages now? Let us take a look at what the postman has to say. In his article, the postman claims that the argument that genocide crimes expire after 100 years has passed is not true. As justification, he says that the UN General Assembly decided on the 26th of November 1968 that “crimes against humanity cannot be the subject of any limitations”.The puppeteer is thus following the traditional Armenian sequence of “recognition, reparation and land.” Accordingly they will get international recognition for their genocide claims. They will then ask for reparations from Turkey and eventually they will ask for “Western Armenia”. The postman turns to the issue of taking “Western Armenia” after mentioning the issue of recognition of Armenian claims, or slanders one should say. The puppeteer’s postman has essentially the following to say on the matter: to expect Turkey to give up any of its land voluntarily would be fooling one’s self. As Armenia is weaker than Turkey militarily, it cannot take territory by force.What will happen then? The puppeteer has had the postman write these down too: unforeseeable developments in Turkey will be awaited.These unforeseeable developments are such things as civil war, regional uprisings, a Kurdish uprising, natural disaster and similar events which may cause a power vacuum in the region and cause border to change. These are the unforeseeable developments, by virtue of having been so foreseen.As one can see the limits of reason have already been surpassed in regional planning and in very comprehensive, multidimensional and multiparty case studies. Harut Sassounian says:“The issue here is the right of Armenians to settle in their own homes” and he says “this should not be Turkey’s business.” It is not very easy to follow.Perhaps there is a project to construct a prefabricated state and to build up a nation, such as the target of collecting the Armenian population in a new country in the Middle East. With the Arab Spring process, which began in Tunisia and spread like wildfire, the influence of political Islam has risen and therefore a Christian small state might be needed in between, perhaps under a United Nations mandate. Perhaps, as continuation of the century old game and so that the Kurds, who have been promised a state cannot realise this aim, the Armenians, who have also been promised a state will be supported.All this could happen without fighting or being tired. A state and as much support as necessary so that it could be a balancing factor between Muslim countries. It will have a transplanted population, a bit like Israel but not quite. It will be to the east of Turks and the west of Kurds, but definitely in between. For stability as well as for instability.Perhaps the old, bloody and accursed years are coming back. Those infamous calculations are once more being made. The curse of dividing agreements which had been lost in the dark and musty corridors of history is once more emerging, stronger. Once more Anatolia will be drained of blood and energy.Perhaps the puppeteer has other surprises in his bag. Perhaps he will bring out another small puppet. Like the postman, everyone should play their parts. In the end, the puppeteer always wins.
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