About 100 families, who had formerly emigrated from Syria to settle in their homeland Armenia, are reported to have returned to Syria during the period between 2006 and 2007. Upon the developments, officials of the Armenian Tashnak Party discussed with the Syrian Tashnak Party, requesting them “to find out why the mentioned Armenian families are returning to Syria”. Prompted by the request, the Syrian Tashnak Party identified the families one by one and visited between April and May 2007 the houses of the mentioned families, according to the reports. As a result of the house visits, the sources say, interesting outcomes have come out as to why the Armenian families are returning to Syria. It is emphasized that the families who left their motherlands because of the economic problems and high cost of living in Armenia, also criticize the Armenian Government for “failing to keep most of the promises made and encouraging the families to move to Karabakh”. The families, voicing their feelings of isolation while in Armenia, are said to have been subjected to threats and assaults of many organized crime groups forcing them to pay tributes during their stay in Armenia. The mentioned report, after its delivery to the Armenian Tashnak Party, led to immense shock and embarrassing moments, sources say. Syria’s optimistic policy towards Armenians encourages the Armenian minority in Iraq as well. According to the reports, the dying of 28 Iraqi Armenians and the arrest of 28 due to the US-led operation, urged many Armenians to emigrate to Syria. Paruyr Hakopyan, Chairman of the Armenian Community in Iraq, informed that within the last four years 3000 Armenians left Iraq to emigrate to Syria. The news published in Armenia-originated AZG web-site on January 31, 2007 reported that asylum requests from Iraq, Lebanon and Israel to take refuge in Armenia were interrupted since the beginning of the Iraqi War as Armenia hardly has the means to facilitate appropriate conditions, though temporary, for the refugees to be emanating from the mentioned countries. The likely event that the Caucasian area might turn into a destination for Armenian refugees is becoming an increasing concern, the same web-site cites. Meanwhile, it is reported that numerous Armenian families intend to emigrate to Syria because of Lebanon’s chaotic domestic policy. Diplomatic sources agree that the Armenians living the region embracing Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Israel will maintain to the end their resolved decision to settle in and/or reject to abandon Syria thanks to the facilitation and privileges granted by the Syrian Government to the Armenians.
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