Twelve years have passed since the genocide in Srebrenica. The babies who survived the genocide are now now 12 year old. On the anniversary of the genocide about five hundred civilian victim massacred by Serbians were re-buried after a special ceremony in Bosnia. Tens of thousands of people attended the ceremony, in which 465 people killed in Srebrenica during the war were buried. Under a heavy rain the ceremony was carried out with the never to be forgotten agony of the genocide. Serbian forces presumably massacred 8.000 Muslim men and children because they were Bosnian and Muslim. The corpse and remains were gathered in an area as wide as 30 kilometers. The remains of many victims were found in mass graves. More than 2.400 Bosnians taken out of the mass graves had been buried in the commemorative graveyard for the genocide. Serbians had hidden the mass graves in an attempt to cover up the genocide. Even this alone proves that Serbians were responsible for the human disaster in Srebrenica. However, the court decided that Serbian did not deliberately commit genocide against Bosnians. Last the corpse of many Bosnians victims were found in different mass graves in Srebrenica. Thus, they may have died for their homeland, and Bosnians still live on that land. The most painful point for the relatives of the lost people is that the political leader of Bosnian, Serbs Radovan Karadzic, and his military leader, Ratko Mladich, in spite of the UN war crimes court' decision, escaped from the justice. Furthermore, European Union continues to welcome Serbia' steps and to improve their relations with Serbia. Meanwhile, Carla Del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor at the ICTY [International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia), stated in a press conference after a meeting with EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn, "all indication including ones from Serbia shows that Mladich is in Serbia." But it seems not impossible to arrest him. However, the International War Crimes Tribunal reached a decision about the case which had continued since December 2005. Milan Martich was found guilty of giving death orders for hundreds of Croatians, the torturing of them, and deporting many Croatians in his self-declared Krayina Republic during the years 1991-1995.
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