It is reported that although all kind of efforts, cases of bribery and corruption has transformed to a systematic form due to imparities in incomes and impoverishment of people in Syria. According to the experts, 13.3% of the population lives under poverty line and the people living at threshold are over five million in Syria, which has reached to 19 million; and the outcome is assessed as inevitable. The data of Center of Statistics shows that nearly one million women constitute an important portion of 5 million work power living at threshold of poverty line. On the other hand, according to the information received, pricelist for bribery in whole state departments and in the military has been determined, and the people is aware of it. At a meeting of the National Liberation Front together with other oppositional groups, which was realized under the auspices of Moslem Brotherhood, opponent of the Syrian regime, and former Deputy President Abdulhalim Haddam, on January 27, 2007 in Brussels, it was stressed that ‘the economic condition in Syria had got worsen and the citizens had fallen in trouble to meet their basic needs; the main reason for that outcome was wasting the public funds and corruption; and there was a need for a radical change to remove the crises in the system and fight against corruption and bribery.’
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