Greek Cypriot leader Christopihas is very angry. He has reacted to the Un Secretary-General’s Special Advisor for Cyprus Alexander Downer. Christopihas claims that “the behaviour and attitude of Downer is not helpful for a solution”. Why? Downer, thinks that for the peace talks on the island to succeed, there should be a series of rules in place. To this end he thinks that the negotiating process should be bound to a calendar. Furthermore, Downer thinks that for progress to be made on issues over which the sides have difficulty reaching a consensus, it will be beneficial for states outside of the island to make contributions.
It is for this reason that Downer has drawn the bolts of lightning. As a result of this approach by Downer, first Christopihas and then, reflexively, the Greek Cypriot press have begun blowing on their “vuvuzelas”. Previously, Downer’s notes had been stolen from his computer and the Greek Cypriot press, having laid its hands on the notes had tried to corner Downer. According to information given by the Greek Cypriot press, Christopihas had warned Downer in a meeting that “pressure or acts which would change the process or the grounds over which agreement is sought could not possibly be accepted”. In fact, if one had to choose just one word to summarise the perspective of the Greek Cypriots on the negotiations, that word could be “vuvuzela”; something which constantly makes a discomforting, pointless loud monotonous noise which never ends. Greek Cypriots constantly voice the discomfort they feel at there not being a solution on the island. They blame Northern Cyprus and Turkey.
They say that they are always ready for a solution. However, once the negotiating begins, this attitude changes immediately. First they object to the rules of the negotiations. They then target UN officials. Later they reject offers put on the table. Just as they do not come up with any suggestions themselves, they blame everyone else. Upon violating every rule of the negotiations, as a last resort – as happened with the Annan plan- they directly sabotage the process. It is one long vuvuzela show. For decades the whole world has been listening to the noise coming from Cyprus. That this should change is not in the foreseeable future. For “vuvuzela virtuoso” Christopihas is not alone in playing the latest masterpiece “Bad Man Downer”.
Prime Minister Papandreou of bankrupt Greece is playing in accompaniment. The “vuvuzela duet” has the same tones on both sides. According to Papandreou “the two sides in Cyprus need to settle on a solution based on UN parameters and the EU acquis without external intervention or the pressure of a calendar”. That is true. But why can there be found no solution? The answer is always the same: there is no solution on the island and there is no punishment for the vuvuzela players when they do not follow the rules! However, that the document which foresees direct trade between Northern Cyprus and the EU should come into effect and all the sanctions and embargoes placed on Northern Cyprus should be lifted are correct and belated steps.
Also research reports which were carried out for the European Parliament (EP) International Trade Committee and were published on the EP’s official website state that the ports of Famagusta, Girne and Gemikonagı are legitimate.
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