Is Russia “really” “in the wrong” in every issue? Following what was experienced in South Ossetia, a senior US State Department official said “What Russia did is occupation; this word is not used easily but the table before us shows this.” Same official also said “the latest incidents constitute a horribly bad moment in Russia’s relations with the civilised world”, also stating that Russia thinks it can intervene everywhere within the former Soviet borders “with the excuse of protecting Russian citizens”. In addition, the US authorities often voiced in their statements that Russia was using “disproportionate force”. Americans complain of Russia’s “lawless stance”. Most probably these are all right, occupations should not be. Most probably Russia should not have done all that, one must not attack everywhere he wants. Probably Russia should be condemned and even punished for this reason; disproportionate force should not be used. Saddam Hussein became a “bad guy” when he intervened Kurdish groups who acted independently within the state’s borders in Northern Iraq during the August 1996 Arbil Crisis, at the invitation of a group from the same region and he was punished with heavy bombardment. Why Saddam Hussein is “bad” when he protects his borders but Saakashvili is “good”? If Russia was in a “global fight”, using “preventive strike”, if the region was not “South Ossetia” but “Afghanistan, Iraq or even Palestine”, if Moscow gave an order to act against “bandit states” while all the world was opposing it, even its own allies… Would things change then? Wouldn’t it? Or is the right answer one of the followings? a- Bad example is not an example! b- No incident sets an example for another in foreign policy! c- Every incident is dealt with its own conditions!!! Can the following questions be answered then? a- Why is Turkey presented (nonsense, sorry, bad) examples in every issue? b- Why Turkey is never dealt with its own conditions in any issues? In order to protect the world peace and for a more justified world, same rules should be for everyone. A job should not be “good” if it is done by the state but “bad” when someone else does it. Non-governmental society should not be “condemned” in a country while it is “blessed” in another. Stability of borders and territorial integrity must be valid for all countries.
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