Two members of the minority faction of the Iranian Islamic Advisory Assembly, Ardabil Deputy Nuraddin Pirmuezzin and Tabriz Deputy Akbar Alami, maintain as of May 2007 the “preparations for a parliamentary motion against Ahmadinajad” that they started in January 2007. This motion, which requires to be signed by 72 deputies in order to be submitted to the Head of the Assembly, has been signed by 68 deputies as of March 2007, while 35 deputies have sworn they would not withdraw their signatures. Akbar Alami declared to the public opinion the names of the 33 deputies and retained the names of two deputies who did not want their names to be known. Among these names there were Shirvan Deputy Hussein Afaida, Yazd Deputy Sayyid Abbas Paknajad, Zanjan Deputy Sayyid Mujtaba Hussayni, Sardasht and Kiraje Deputy Mohammad Karimiyan, and Urumiyyah Deputy Abid Fattahi. The parliamentary motion includes 16 questions to be answered by Ahmadinajad relating to administrative, economic and political issues. In their parliamentary motion, the deputies want, in accordance with Article 88 of the Constitution, the president to answer “questions about the rapidly rising house prices and rate of inflation, the current monetary policy practices that are controversial to the Fourth Development Plan (2005-2010), the conducted diplomacy that is not in line with national interests and his recent statements”. On the other hand, Akbar Alami, who had delivered a speech in the Majlis, has stated that he had made a request for information by Minister of Interior Mostafa Purmuhammadi addressing the Majlis concerning the incidents that happened in Southern Azarbaijan in May 2006, but that he had not received a reply yet. Alami has said that if the Minister of Interior would not reply to the parliamentary motion within a period of one month, this would constitute a violation of the laws requiring him to be warned by the Majlis. Alami, who notes that he has been pressurized to withdraw his motion, demands with his motion the prosecution of those who have opened fire to the crowd in the cities of Tabriz, Urumiyyah , Nagada, Mashkinshahir and other cities, those who have commanded them to do so, as well as those who have announced state of emergency without the approval of the Majlis. On the other hand, the Islamic Advisory Council in its session held in the second week of May 2007 accepted the motion to invite Minister of Education Mahmoud Farshidi to the Majlis and have him explain the activities of his Ministry and answer the questions of the deputies. It is noted that the increase of the nation-wide protest demonstrations by the teachers “for the improvement of the living conditions” has been effective in submitting this motion. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that along with the acceptance of the motion, the Majlis Education Commission has prepared a new improvement program. It is stated that this program stipulates the improvement of the salaries of workers and teachers. However, salaried employees and teachers have concerns on the realization of this program stating that until now the government has not fulfilled any of its commitments.
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