Pilots Captain Gokhan Ertan and Corporal Hasan Huseyin Aksoy were killed during an unarmed mission in international airspace. Turkey’s first air force casualty was also killed in Syria. He was called Fethi; Fethi Bey the Pilot.Pilot Fethi Bey was killed in 1914. he was killed after crashing in rocky terrain between Damascus and Jerusalem, shortly after take odd. Pilot Fethi Bey is interred next to the Salahaddin Eyyubi tomb in the Amavvid Mosque in Damascus.Pilot Fethi Bey was originally a seaman, having graduated from the naval academy in 1907. He was sent for training to the Bristol Aircraft Factory in England in 1911. After aviation training he received in Bristol, Fethi Bey returned to Turkey and was promoted to the rank of captain. He flew a number of demonstrations in Istanbul. He enjoyed success during the Second Balkan War. He carried out night missions which were considered impossible at the time. Fethi Bey and his co-pilot Saik Bey undertook an important flight on the 8th of February 1914. They attempted to fly the Istanbul-Alexandria rout with a Bleriot XI/B aircraft called the “Muavenet-i Milliye”. The route was to take them over Konya, Ulukısla, Adana, Homs, Damascus and Alendria. It was not to be. Fethi Bey’s name was given to the town of Methi in commemoration: the town came to be known as Fethiye. He was much mourned.
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