In the commentary written by Pampos Haralambus in the 17 March 2006 issue of Alithia Newspaper published in the Greek Cypriot Administration of Cyprus, it was stated that: President Papadopoulos has given an interesting interview to the journal “Profil” on the occasion of his visit to Austria. The editor of the journal Profil asked Papadopoulos to interpret that the leader of Turkish Cypriots Mehmet Ali Talat called for the vote of “yes” opposing Denktash and “65 % of the Turkish Cypriots voted for the reuniting of the Island” while Papadopoulos call the Greek Cypriots to refuse the Annan Plan. The President replied: “This is completely wrong. Talat accepts the plan as it does not lead to the reuniting. On the contrary, this plan simply camouflages the division that is going on.” President Papadopoulos said the following to explain how Annan Plan camouflages the continuing division: “Is it possible for a country to have two central banks?” Profil: Yes, but the national banks in the EU member countries do not have any roles any more. Papadopoulos: Do you know any countries in the world adopting two different economic policies? According to the Annan Plan it is not possible to adopt an economic policy that we do as today. We have reduced our deficit from 6 % to 3% in the last two years. However, on the other side a policy exists that great debts are observed. Profil: In our opinion, if the plan had not solved the problem, then, why do the UN, EU and even Greece support this? Has everybody gone mad? Why is your political argument so weak? Papadopoulos: You tell this… Whose argument is stronger? Is it that of Turkish Cypriots or Greek Cypriots? The UN and the others have not gone mad. Yet, all of them have become tired of the Cyprus issue. Nobody has made any efforts to read 900 pages. As opposed to the UN, EU and even Greece that do not bother to read the 900 page text, it is obvious that Papadopoulos has read this. De Soto and Annan have not bothered to read the 900 page plan. Article 32 of the Annan Plan refers to the Central Bank of Cyprus (in other words that of the reunited Cyprus Republic) and stipulates the following: 1. Cyprus Central Bank constitutes the monetary office of the United Cyprus Republic. It shall issue Money, determine monetary policy and implement it, also arrange and observe the credit institutions of the banks. 2. The Central Bank shall be independent of the other divisions of the federal government and work with the demands of the EU. 3. The Central Bank bodies shall be Director, Deputy Director, Board of Management and Money Policy Committee. The formation of these will be as follows: a) The Director and the Deputy Director will not from the state of the same part. They will be appointed by the Presidential Council. b) It is possible to hand over the powers of the Cyprus Central Bank to the Central Bank within the body of the EU. c) It is possible that the law proposes the establishment of sub branches of the Central Bank in each state part and the inclusion of the directors of the sub branches in the Management Board of the Central Bank. Article 32 of the Central Bank cites the mentioned points. I have not written about the paragraphs that have nothing to do with President Papadopoulos’ impression that Annan Plan stipulates two different policies and two Central Banks. What shall we suppose? Is it that Tassos Papadopulos deceived the people into rejecting the Annan plan? I don’t think so. The problem is different and very serious. However, the most serious problem is Dimitris Hristofyas, not Tassos Papadopoulos.
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