It is claimed that Mao Zedung planed to cause an earthquake in the USA. The plan is reportedly called “the Jumping Dragon Plan”. Maybe there was or was not a plan like that According to the plan, one billion Chinese would jump as high as possible at 11:15 local Peking time on October 12, 1976. Moreover Mao planed to have the Red Army teach everybody how to jump as much high as possible, they would go around to every villages making good use of traditional Chinese sports. Thereby one billion Chinese would jump, causing shock waves that would result in a chain seismic reaction. After the CIA had learned of the “dreadful plan”, Washington tried it with simulators using a computer and came to a conclusion that Mao’s plan "most probably would have worked out." There is no possibility of determining the truth in this matter. However during the Cold War and even after it, discussions continued about the possibility of that plan. Putting aside China, Let us think that: what will happen if 75 million Turks jump? At the first blush this question can make us laugh but it is a serious question indeed. Turks had jumped before. Beside they were only 13 million. The quake didn’t occurred in Los Angeles or San Francisco, where the Chinese had intended, but in Athens, London and Paris severe tremors took place. That is why the participation of Turkey in the League of Nations was via special call instead of an application. Turkey jumped once more when the Soviet Foreign Minister asked on March 19, 1945 that the straits should be defended commonly by the Turkey-Soviet Union and the Montre Convention must be changed by intimidating Turkey. The Soviet Union argued that that World War II had caused “the deep transformation” asking the cancellation of Turkish-Soviet Union Non-Aggression Pact, which was signed on December 17, 1925 and would continue until November 7, 1945. Turkey didn’t say “nobody would offer the better”. The Soviet Union neither retraced its words nor carried out its engagements. Turkey jumped in 1974, breasting everybody and all possibilities. Maybe three or five years passed with embargo, but Athens was rocked like a cradle in Cyprus. Moreover Turkey jumped when South Cyprus Greek Administration (SCGA) sought to deploy S-300 missiles in the Island, when Syria insisted on safeguarding Öcalan as well. During the same year Italy went trough tremors while safeguarding Öcalan. Within that same period of time every country was rocked when Öcalan stepped into it or when passed near to its aerial space. In 2000 the reforms kept caused slight and severe tremors in Brussels. The peace referendum in Cyprus in 2004 caused other important tremors. The diagrams prove how Turkey jumped high in external trade and economical growth in 2000’s. The world’s 17th economy goes ahead to be the second most rapidly growing economy after China and to be Europe’s leader in many industries and a powerhouse in Europe. When Turks jump, great things and unique tremors happen. Seventy-five million Turks should jump as high as possible in 2006 too. The Russian Federation will get tough, Cyprus will get mixed up, and probably the maps in the Middle East will be changed. The Balkans is drastically peaceful now, but peace doesn’t have a long run in the Balkans. The right parties keeps rising in Europe and hard times are waiting for Turkey in Europe. It seems that 2006 will pass by slower than what appear on the calendar and it will be a long year. We will not get rid of problems in the same way we got rid of six zeros at the beginning of 2005, unless we jump. For our essence and with an aim we must jump like crazy. To be crazy is not difficult for us, it comes from Turkishness. That characteristic, which Turgut Özakman identified in us, give the answers to many questions and showed us how to jump. It was not determined what would have happened if one billion Chinese jumped, but everybody knows what will happen when 75 million Turks jump. We shouldn’t forget it either. With wishes for happy New Year…
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