It is reported that the firm called Behzist Petrolium, operating within the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation under the Presidency in Iran, has been found out to be illegally bringing goods into Iran without paying duties and to be making illegal profits. Political circles comment that Hashemi Rafsanjani’s direction and support has been influential in the revelation of this case and it was a retaliation by Rafsanjani against M. Ahmadinejad’s claims of corruption targeting him. On the other hand, it is reported that Ahmadinejad has replaced members of the board of governors of the state-owned Iranian Insurance Company as well as its senior directors for reasons such as having misused 500 billion Tomans and for employing their relatives in the center and representations of the company. Moreover, it is claimed that the Director-General of the French oil company Total, who was arrested in Paris in March for bribing the officials of the Iranian Oil Ministry for the operation of the natural gas fields in the region of South Pars-2/Iran when he was Total’s Head for Middle East, had bribed Mehdi Rafsanjani, son of H.Rafsanjani, 11 million US dollars. M. Rafsanjani made a statement in March rejecting the claims that he accepted bribe. Nevertheless, it is expressed by the extreme conservative section in Iran that it was now better understood how those who ruled the country after the Iran-Iraq war had made their followers rich with their policies based on corruption and favoritism, that the claims related with M.Rafsanjani was an indication of the use of the sources of the country by the mentioned group for their own personal interests, and that the trial process going on in France was important for the revelation of the corruptive activities and their links in Iran.
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