In line with the permission by Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the meeting held on May 28 2007 between the US and Iranian officials in Baghdad, is still the talk of the day. As a result of the meeting, Iranian government decided to donate more than 1 billion US dollars to help the Iraqis. It is stated that “the donation of this huge amount is as required by the Iranian foreign policy and under these circumstances Iran should be on Iraqis side.” Iranian ambassador to Baghdad Hasan Kazimi Kummi stated that Iran will support to strengthen Iraqi security forces by means of weapon and equipment. Kummi told that Iraqi government will invite the parties for a second meeting and they have a positive attitude towards the invitation and if it is official they will participate. Iranians showed a great reaction against the statement made by the Iranian Foreign Minister Manucher Mottaki, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the 7th International Persian Gulf Conference held in Tehran and assessed the meeting held with the USA, as “If US is willing to retreat its troops from Iraq and the region, they will be able to assist this country.” Diplomatic sources assessing the development emphasize that the US that had threatened Iran short time ago, now tries to get close with Iran for a while by implementing the same tactics in order to lighten its material and spiritual burden but this situation could harm the Iranians. While a great majority of the national income is sent to Lebanon, Syria and Palestine as required by the national policy, Iranians are very disturbed about including Iraq to this implementation. While Iranian individuals and families with the low-income have financial difficulties, workers try to live on 200.000 Tumens, it is estimated that spending the gas income for the sake of politics make Iranians to distrust the government. Following the negotiation that was held with the US, Iranian politics and economy experts draw attention to the increase of prices in basic consumption materials and industrial products. Experts indicate that, investments will be ceased due to the distrust in government and while there is a possibility to compensate the budget deficits with the oil revenues, economical problems will continue because those revenues were used for political purposes and Iranian reaction towards Iraqi donation will increase.
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