The Yezidis living in Iraq, state that their religious and cultural activities are oppressed by the Kurdish political parties. Yezidis, who express that they have different religious convictions than the Kurds and the Arabs, emphasize that they will respond to it if the Kurdish political parties continue to obstruct their national, religious and political activities, and to make the Yezidis Kurdish. Declaring that they do not consider some Yezidis who are in collaboration with the Kurds, as one of themselves, the Yezidi leaders say that the people in question go along with the Kurds because of material interests and personal benefits. The Yezidis, who say that they had no problems with the other Muslim communities, emphasize that the minor disagreements of the past had occurred as a result of incitement of the Kurds. Cemil Cerdo Kasim, who is responsible of the Political Bureau of the Progressive Reform Movement of Yezidis, and who gave statement to the Cemawer Journal dated 19 March 2007, which was published in Erbil, Iraq, stated that “they expressed on every occasion that they were against Iraq’s fragmentation, that they had no connections with the Kurdistan Regional Administration and that they would not take part in such an administration.” Mentioning that the Yezidis’ usage of the Kurdish language during their prayers or religious ceremonies would not mean that they are of Kurdish origin, Kasim highlighted that the Kurds used Arabic language during their prayers and that this could not be a proof to consider that these people are of Arabic origin. Cerdo Kasim, who said that they have taken pains for centuries to coexist and live in peace with all ethnic groups, notified that the Kurds disrupted this ambiance and tried to make the Yezidis their tools for their own ambitions. It is stated that similar problems, to the ones mentioned above, are also experienced among Assyrians. In a statement given to Cemawer Journal dated 19 March 2007, by the Iraqi Communist Party and the Assyrian Democratic Movement, it is said “that the historical relics in the Mosul plain were seized by the Kurds, that they would never permit the efforts of the Kurds to join Mosul with Kurdistan, that their relationship cooled and that they sided with Iraq’s unity.”
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