The reactions expressed against the irreconcilable attitude of the Greek Cypriots behind the scenes within the EU have been started to be stated openly. The conflict occurred between the UK and the Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus over Cyprus has started to be voiced by the authorities. The British Foreign Minister Jack Straw stated that it has been a mistake to let it into the EU before the solution of Cyprus problem and if the Greek Cypriots persist in their irreconcilable attitude, there will be no way left apart from recognizing the Turkish Administration of Northern Cyprus indirectly. Straw who made this speech in the House of Commons and who admitted that the Greek side has become a EU member thanks to the policies pursued by Glafkos Klerides said that “Papadopoulos is negotiating with bad intention”. The Greek Cypriots who declared those who are not on their side as enemies over the Cyprus issue made their last push in order to sideline the UK as the mediator. Lastly, the visit of the UK Foreign Minister to Cyprus and his visit to the President of the Turkish Administration of the Northern Cyprus suggesting that he is accepted as the elected official representative of the North have been received with anger on the Greek Cypriot side. Therefore, the Greek Cypriot leader Papadopoulos refused to meet Straw, and the Greek Cypriot press published many articles against the visit and the visit was received with the protests on the Greek Cypriot side. On the other hand, Papadopoulos conveyed Annan the message that there is no need to wait until the legislative elections to be held in May 2006 to make a new initiative. For Papadopoulos is the only person determining the Cyprus policy of the Greek Cypriots. No solution that does not receive a passing grade from him stands a chance of being materialized. The voices against Papadopoulos in the Greek Cypriot press over the Cyprus issue are assessed within this context and they are declared as traitors by Papadopoulos. It is either that you are within the system on the Greek Cypriot side and you become a flatterer of the system or the system makes you a target within the society. Stating that the medallion has two sides results in being punished. Papadopoulos also stated that the objectivity over the Cyprus issue has started to disappear and the other three UN Security Council member states, Russia, China and France should participate in the negotiation process from now on in order to sideline the USA and the UK by saying that “those who provide support to the Turkish plan are dissidents”. The Greek Cypriots try to maintain their policies established on slogans, making their last push on the international platforms where the lack of solution over Cyprus issue has become intolerable. No little progress has been made on the issue since the rejection of the Annan plan. For, the Greek Cypriot side has not produced any policy for the solution. The Greek Cypriot side strives to reach its aims on Cyprus through the EU principles and guidelines gradually without making any compromise. Thus, the Greek Cypriot administration does not even consider a confession for what happened in the past and any apology to the Cypriot Turkish society. It is necessary to recall that the initial moves of the division policy in Cyprus were made with the elimination of the agreements concerning the articles granting existence for the Greek Cypriots in the 1960 Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, but not with the intervention of the Turkish Armed Forces in 1974 as claimed by the G reek Cypriots.
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