Greece’s big interest in Albania is well known. This is because os two main reasons. First, Athens wants to be dominant in the areas where Greeks live. Secondly, they ignore the Albanians living on their own land and put pressure on Tiran to form a Great Greece and be the super power of the Balkans as put by Papandreu. Greece therefore put the European Union into the situation and that helped finance some projects in Albania close to the Greek border. In total 1.4 million Euros of aid will go to Cirokastra, Korca and Vlora. 900.000 Greeks are on the Albanian – Greek border and 500.000 Albanians. Some of Greece’s poorest cities are on that border. Albanian regional locations on the border have high unemployement and lack infrastrucutre. The projects financed on the border are on road construction, industries and education as part of the deal signed between the Greek and Albanian counterparts. The first project to be translated into life will be the new roads to reduce the load on the two border gates Saranda and Cirokastra. European Union’s projects on “peace, cooperation and exchange of cultures” are financed by the Europe Regional Development Fund based on the Interreg III program. The aim is to develop cross-border, international and regional cooperation to join together communities in Europe. Becase the European Union, sees important as developing the regions close by to the Union and in candidate countries. Funny, a similar project is not aimed at Western and Eastern Thrace of Greece and Macedonia. Neither was such a proposal made on the Greek-Bulgarian border which hosts the greatest number of Turks in the Balkans.
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