It has been learnt that the Beirut Research and Information Center has conducted a public poll in Lebanon to reveal the people’s opinions with respect to the current government and the International Hariri Court. According to this poll, 94 % of the Shiites and 50 % of the Christians are in the opinion that the Fouad Siniora Government has lost legitimacy. 83 % of the Sunnites and 90 % of the Durzis support the government. In the framework of this poll, the Beirut Research and Information Center asked 800 participants about their opinions on the following topics: international prosecution of the persons responsible of the death of Rafiq Hariri, the establishment of a national union government, the legitimacy of the government, the worse situation of the country and the role of the Lebanese army. The answers that were given revealed that there was popular support to the establishment of an union government. There was also a question asking “Who is behind the Pierre Cemayel assassination?”. More than 48 % of the participants remained in abstention, while 21 % mentioned the 14 March Move. According to the poll, 51,9 % supported the establishment of an international court by the government, while 48,1 % was against this. Almost all of the participants expressed that the court could not be established due to the disputes between the majority in government and the opposition. 69,7 % of the participants expressed that more importance was given to the ongoing security implementations. The Durzi and Sunnite participants emphasized that they deemed the escalating tension between these two groups as more important. The poll also included a question asking which country would benefit the most from tension in Lebanon. 48,7 % answered Israel and/or the USA; 35,4 % answered Syria and Iran. The poll also asked about the impact of foreign forces on the internal affairs of Lebanon. The answer of 31,7 % was that “Foreign forces were directing the government”. The answer of 29 % was that “The opposition was controlled by foreign forces”. 33,9 % believed that both the government and the opposition were controlled by foreign forces. As it is known, the decree for the establishment of an international court for the prosecution of those involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq HARIRI last year was declined by Lebanese President Emil Lahud. On 21 November, Minister of Defense Pierre Cemayel was assassinated in Beirut. The Lebanese Government had approved the investigation of this assassination by an international court. In order to protest this, various groups led by Hezbollah initiated extensive demonstrations as of 01 December. The Hezbollah leadership has conveyed to the public the message that “in case the government would resign or take decision for early elections, they will expand their actions to many regions - especially at the Rafiq Hariri Airport - starting from the Eid Al Adha and they will paralyze life in Beirut”.
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