The Russian motorcyclists club Night Wolves, which has been preparing to celebrate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany were blocked by Poland. Russia reacted to Poland denying right of passage to the group, which wanted to celebrate in Berlin.The intention of the Night Wolves was to arrive in Berlin on May 9th. However, Poland has not allowed the group to enter its territory, citing “public order and security”, which has led Russia to openly threaten Poland. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called the decision “bad intentioned and cynical.” Poland’s ambassador to Moscow was summed to the ministry and warned that bilateral ties would be negatively affected.The Night Wolves, an important group in Russia, are led by Alexander Saldostanov, who is known to be close to Putin. Should the Night Wolves not make it to Berlin, he will be the first to be punished. On the other hand, it is uncertain how far Poland is prepared to escalate a political crisis over a motorcyclists’ group. It should not be forgotten that in its last serious falling out with Putin, Poland’s many high level administrators, including the country’s president, prime minister and chief of staff were killed in an unfortunate plane accident. This being the case, surely Poland would not risk another president and chief of staff over a motor gang trying to be in Berlin for May 9th.
Of course, Poland is not the only obstacle in the way of the Russian motorcyclists club. Last year Germany had denied entry to some members of the club arriving by air. The Night Wolves hope to make it to Germany over Belarus, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. However, their leader Saldostanov, is on a list of people banned from entering the EU. Whether the leaderless wolf pack will make it to Berlin will become clear on May 9th.
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