In a statement by the Russian Federation Defence Ministry, it was announced that MI-28N Night Hunter helicopter had crashed while on duty near the Syrian town of Homs. The statement said that the two pilots of the helicopter had been killed and that an investigation had been launched into the reasons for the crash. The defence Ministry has rejected claims that the helicopter had been shot down.The bodies of the pilots, recovered by a search and rescue mission were taken to the Khmemim Airbase. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said “President Putin has been briefed regarding the helicopter that is thought to have crashed due to technical problems.”
The MI-28N Night Hunter, which is an all-weather aircraft also has night vision capabilities. Usually armed with anti-armour missiles and 30 mm calibre cannon, the MI-28N Night Hunter can also carry guided and unguided missiles. With the latest helicopter crash, Russia’s officially declared helicopter losses in Syria have risen in number to three. In 2011 it was announced that a MI-28N had crashed and in August 2015 a helicopter crash during a show flight was reported. None of the personnel have survived any of the three crashes.
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