What did Christophias and Netanyahu shake hands over?Could it all be a coincidence? Syria is on fire, Egypt is in crisis, the conditions in Palestine are well known, Tunisia has experienced a revolution, Algeria is anxious, Lebanon is afraid and more. Just then, Southern Cyprus and Israel have suddenly grown very fond of each other. The risk of war with Iran grows and Iraq is coming closer to civil war. While the future of the Eastern Mediterranean and the countries which are in this watershed is under threat, these two regimes have taken a decision for cooperation in the region. Which issues will this cooperation cover and why?Perhaps it will not be a very diplomatic manner of speaking to say that today Southern Cyprus is about to practically become the vanguard of Israel. Israel wants to see Southern Cyprus as its garrison in the Middle East. The Southern Cypriot administration which has for long years chased the dream of becoming the unsinkable carrier in the Mediterranean has become the “lighthouse of Israel” as a result of its policy of rapprochement with Israel. Although ‘rapprochement’ might be the term the international press uses to describe the current state of relations between Southern Cyprus and Israel, this is not entirely accurate. There are two fundamental aspects to this strange web of interests. The first is Israel’s attempt to besiege Turkey from the south. The second is Israel’s attempt to secure the resources of the region by taking advantage of the weakness of the Arab world at a time when the later is embroiled in a revolutionary domino effect. In other words, Israel is after the joint assets and sovereign wealth of Mediterranean nations. In this manoeuvre, Southern Cyprus’ role is that of the assistant or the service provider.The process underway in the Eastern Mediterranean is a project which is entirely an initiative of Israel, in which Southern Cypriot politicians are taking up minor roles. Through this project, Israel will be able to intervene on the economic and trade rights and interests of those countries which have signed sovereign economic zone agreements and other similar deals with Southern Cyprus. The instability in the Arab world will be taken advantage of and provoked as much as possible. Southern Cyprus will therefore become a tool of Israel, as well as being the clone state of Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean, perhaps because things are not good in Athens. More realistically, Southern Cyprus will be Israel’s camouflage in the Eastern Mediterranean. Through Southern Cyprus, Israel will be able to act like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.In 2011 Greece signed an agreement with Egypt and Southern Cyprus signed separate deals with Israel, Egypt and Lebanon. These were followed by the agreements signed between Israel, Greece and Southern Cyprus. The summary of the dangerous situation is as follows: According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea signed in 1982, a “sovereign economic zone” is a region outside of a country’s territorial waters, but neighbouring them and to which a special legal regime applies. The rights and authority of the coastal state to the zone is identified separately from the rights and freedoms of other countries.In conjunction, the coastal zone is identified from the coastline of a state and extends 200 miles from the coastline. The coastal state has sovereign rights over the zone. It can undertake to research, operate, protect and administrate organic and inorganic resources in the water over the seabed, in and under the seabed. It also has the right to carry out activities for the discovery and operation of the zone for economic purposes such as energy production from water, currents and the wind.Therefore, through the agreements it has signed with Southern Cyprus and due to the agreements Southern Cyprus has signed with other countries in the region, Israel is encircling Turkey, attacking all Turkish interests in the region and is starting a covert operation to loot the resources of the countries in the region.Following this development, especially after the “historical” visit by Netanyahu, Christophias’ statements may better be viewed as not only the “ventriloquist diplomacy” of Brussels and Athens but also of Netanyahu. From now on the Israeli army will make use of the airspace and territorial waters of Southern Cyprus. Southern Cyprus which already plays host to Greek troops on the island and wants to become a barracks for the proposed European army will finally also house the Israeli army. Could the military cooperation which has officially been limited to “search and rescue missions” have a function when it comes to direct or indirect, official or unofficial military or paramilitary action against countries such as Syria and Iran, or others? Why not?Israel is taking these moves in parallel with efforts at diplomatic and military rapprochement with Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Israel is running joint military training exercises with these countries. Along with Israel including Southern Cyprus in its sphere of influence and gaining military privileges from it, the two defence cooperation treaties signed by the Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak and his Southern Cypriot counterpart are very significant. Unsurprisingly, the content of both agreements is being kept secret.The final link in this chain consists of Israel setting up a special military force for all its operations in the Eastern Mediterranean, on paper “against possible military reaction from Turkey” but in reality for the looting operation. Claims to this end have been made in both Southern Cypriot and Israeli press.The Simerini newspaper published in Southern Cyprus has reported that “the Israeli press claims an Israeli base will be founded in Southern Cyprus”. The same newspaper has claimed “a force will be set up to protect the natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean”, - that is the so-called sovereign economic zone. According to the coverage the Israeli Haaretz newspaper has reported “the Israeli army is seriously considering setting up a special unit to undertake the protection of the region containing natural gas resources as well as production and export facilities.” The newspaper has added that “one of the foremost priorities of the Israeli army is to establish an air force base in Cyprus”.How does Southern Cyprus relate this policy with the joint defence and foreign policy of Europe? Is there any way the two can be compatible?
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