Israeli President Moshe Katsav, against whom the Attorney General of Israel decided to bring a lawsuit for charges of rape and sexual harassment of 4 separate women, obstruction of justice, breach of trust and fraud, made several statements on January 24th 2007 in order to respond to the claims against himself. Katsav stressed that he was the victim of a conspiracy and his accusations directed at Israeli police, media and justice system for “being the tools of this conspiracy” caused great reactions. Even, some columnists judged Katsav’s speech to be “aggressive” and wrote that “There is just his wife and God whom Katsav did not accuse”. The statements of Moshe Katsav cause negative assessments by the Israeli people due to the significance of his position. People express that Katsav should resign from the presidential office; otherwise Israel’s image within the international community would be damaged. Because, the headlines of the most important newspapers in Israel writing “Back to Home” or “He Has To Leave” reflect the insistence of public opinion for a change in the presidential office. Current Foreign Affairs and Justice Minister Zipi Livni also state that the president should resign and defend himself “without his title of president”. The claims of “sexual harassment” against President Moshe Katsav were first revealed in August 2006. The questioning of President Katsav began in his office within the framework of the investigation opened against him by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, owing to the charges brought against him by a past employee working in the President’s Residence. In the investigations immediately following this event, eight more women testified against Katsav. In the mean time, the mentioned officer of the President’s Residence was subjected to polygraph test to enlighten the event, but all of her statements appeared to be true. Political observers state that for the first time in the history of Israel a high level official is indicted with such crime and they draw attention to the fact that the country is in a big political vacuum.
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