As of early January 2007, the US administration have frozen the assets of three Syrian research institutions on the ground that they produce weapons of mass destruction. Among the Syrian research institutions, the assets of which have been frozen by the US Department of Treasury allegedly because they produce unconventional weapons and missile systems carrying those weapons, are the Higher Institute for Scientific Research, the Institute of Electronic Engineering, and the National Laboratory for Classification and Standards. All relations of the US institutions and individuals with the mentioned Syrian research institutions have been banned. All of the assets of these institutions in the USA or under the control the US institutions have been frozen. While the claims that Syria produces weapons of mass destruction are continuing, the coordinates of the Syrian program for the production of mass destruction were given in the web site called “”. The coordinates, 36º02’02”N and 37º21’03” indicate the Damascus, Hama, and Safira village. It is argued that Syria has at least three plants for chemical weapons production and that they are currently operational in the mentioned regions. It was stated that one of the mentioned missiles available to Syria, which is claimed to have tested three Scud missiles on May 27, 2005, was 300 km in range and the other in 700 km. Political observers pointed at the fact that Syria, which has, for years, been in the category of the countries supporting terrorism, draws all the attention to itself in terms of its desires for Lebanon and of using the Iranian oil illegally, and therefore this consolidates the allegations regarding the production of weapons of mass destruction. As known, Israel, Syria, Egypt and N. Korea have not ratified the “Chemical Weapons Agreement” that came into force in 1997 and 176 countries are parties to. The circles dealing with the issue agree on that the countries, such as Algeria, Ethiopia, Israel, N. Korea, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria and Vietnam, own chemical weapons.
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