An increase is expected in the coming days in the claims of the Cypriote Turks for the properties they left behind in the South Cyprus. It is stated that, upon the success of Arif Mustafa, a Cypriote Turk who had brought a lawsuit for the return of his house in the South he left in 1974, many Turks have got in touch with the Greek lawyers in order to claim their properties. It is indicated that in the coming period, another 30 lawsuits will be brought either to Greek Courts or to the European Court of Human Rights. Arif Mustafa settled with his family in Limassol-Southern Cyprus in September 2002 and applied to the Greek Ministry of Interior with the claim of the return of his property. This claim, however, was rejected by suggesting the legal regulation saying that “all the Turkish properties were put under the protection of the Ministry of Interior as far as the impacts of the Turkish invasion in 1974 and displacement of the population continue. The Ministry administrates these properties with the quality of trustee until a final solution is brought to the Cyprus problem. Upon this decision, Arif Mustafa advocated his lawsuit by himself before the Greek Supreme Court and got back his house upon the decision taken by the Office of the Greek Chief Public Prosecutor. According to a report in the Greek Cypriot Newspaper Politis about the property ownership that is to be dealt too much in the agenda of Cyprus, Halide Ali, a Cypriote Turk living in Larnaca, demands the return of the house which belongs to her in accordance with the decision of the Greek Court. Halide Ali stated that the Greek Court took the decision for the return of the house whose title deed belongs to her and that she got, however, no result till now. According to some reports in the Greek press, some Cypriote Turks, whose names are not declared, demand a flat in Larnaca, the real estate in Larnaca on which are 20 houses for the immigrants and a land in Polemidya on which an atelier was built. The real estates in Southern Cyprus which belong to the Cypriote Turks are being used for the residence of the Greek immigrants. Therefore 5500 houses belonging to the Cypriot Turks are being used by the Greek immigrants and 8000 houses for the Greek immigrants were built on the lands belonging to the Cypriote Turks. Also, 3500 shops and restaurants belonging to the Turks are actually run by the Greeks. The Greek side met with discontent the decision taken in the suit of Arif Mustafa for the return of the property; as this decision may set a precedent. In the statement mad by the Greek Admisnistration, it is said that the lawsuits similar to that of Arif Mustafa will be met with determination. The Deputy Speaker of Press of the DISI Hristos Triantafillifis indicated that if the Cypriote Turks claim collectively their properties in Southern Cyprus, this will be a nightmare and stated that the Cypriote Hellenism experiences the negative outcomes of the Cyprus problem that is deadlocked. To have been living in Southern Cyprus is the prerequisite for the Cypriote Turks to claim their properties in the South.
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