“On the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the intercommunity conflict (December 21, 1963), a program, which is copy and pasted by the Illiadis brothers in the frame of state propaganda, was broadcasted by RIK TV (South Cyprus Greek Administration’s official TV station Cyprus Broadcasting Cooperation): Turks wanted to disintegrate the state, to handle them Makarios instructed groups to be formed, the Turkish side caused the conflicts, Greek Cypriots opposed them and Turkish Cypriots applied their separatist plans. According to the other reality in the enigma of the Cyprus problem, Greek Cypriots as well had plans to separate Cyprus Republic and complete EOKA’s struggle for “Enosis.” There are documents and evidences beside the well-known Akritas’ plan. The leader and the ministers of a state can not design plans for dissolution of the state. They can not break the constitution. Right, Turkey had plans for Cyprus. If someone studies the diplomatic correspondences, he or she can prove that the philosophy of Turkish plans was depending on the mistakes of Greek Cypriots leadership. In 50’s the struggle for integration failed because of many reasons. The crucial one was the reluctance or –better to say- helplessness of the Greek government for cooperation. In the beginning of the 60’s the Greek Cypriot leadership started to put pressure on Greece for agreement on reviewing the constitution. It is an easiest way to put responsibility on Turkey for hiding our responsibilities. Turkey is 40 mills away from Cyprus. Neither we can change Turkey nor can we interfere in the administration system of the country. We are responsible for saving our country from foreign dangers. But we do the opposite and then we cry from our misery. Can we look at the events in a critical way? Do we learn from our mistakes? This is what historical conscience is all about and radio and TV of a state should serve this mission. Unfortunately the TV in our country is being used for propaganda. The Illiadis brothers talked to themselves and echoed the official view about 1963 events. They defended the patriotism of the 60’s generation and they questioned our “boldness” when we criticize this generation. I studied that era in depth and I couldn’t find any one that generation who paid a personal price. They had good lives. The miserable people are paying the price.” Makarios Drusiotis, Greek Cypriot daily Politis, December 23, 2005
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