Turkish candidates Ahmet Hacıosman and Çetin Mandacı of Rhodes and Xanti were elected from the PASOK list for Parliament. The Turkish MPs told AA reporter that they were grateful for the minority votes that got them elected and said they would represent the Turkish minority in the Greek Parliament to their full ability. PASOK Comotini MP Ahmet Hacıosman is a graduate of Marmara University Islamic Studies Department. PASOK Xanti MP Çetin Mandacı is a graduate of Istanbul University Medicine Faculty. Rhodes PASOK MP Hacıosman said his aim was to serve his community to the best of his abilities and help solve their problems. Hacıosman was quoted as saying the following: “With the experience I gained in Parliament for many years, I will try my best to serve the Turkish minority. It is a huge advantage for the Turkish minority to elect two MPs for Parliament in these elections. Together with my brother from Xanti Çetin Mandacı, we will fight hand in hand for solutions.” Mandacı draws attention to the fact that this is the first time a Turkish MP was elected from Xanti after 8 years, which can go onto show the unity the Turks of Xanti showed as this was a great achievement. Mandacı says he will try to be deserving of the trust that has been placed in him by the Turks and adds: “We need to expand the Unity we have shown to fight for our rights. I will work with my colleague from Rhodes Turkish Hacıosman with this aim.” Mandacı says that despite being elected by minority votes in Xanti, he was not the representative of only the minority but rather the whole region. He was quoted as saying “I am Turkish. But we are all Ottoman descendants. That’s why I will not discriminate, just like my ancestors didn’t. Despite having different ethic roots, we all live on this land.” Only Turkish MP of Western Thrace in the previous legislative year in Greece, İlhan Ahmet of New Democracy was left out of Parliament by a short margin this time. He missed being elected in Comotini by 150 votes in a head to head race between New Democracy and PASOK. This was the first time leaders didn’t include Western Thrace on their election campaign. However, 14 Turks were shown as candidates in the election. Here they are: ND - İlhan Ahmet, Erdoğan Sait, Orhan Hacıibrahim and Dilek Hacıhalil. PASOK - Ahmet Hacısosman, Rıdvan Kocamümin, Çetin Mandacı and Canan Mahsun. SYRIZA - Ekrem Hasan, Celalettin Yurtçu and Yiğit Alioğlu. KKE - Nazmi Ahmet, Hasan Efendi. LAOS - Ahmet İmam. If votes hadn’t been scattered the Turkish minority could’ve voted in 3 MPs. The minority had 1 MP last term.
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