The ISIS’s expansion of the geographic area it controls, its declaration of a caliphate with its leader al-Baghdadi as caliph in June 2014 and its claims to a trans-national state that overcomes the borders of the states in its region with the use of the concept of “caliphate” have made it an important issue not just for regional actors but for the Middle east policies of global actors and for Russia, which has claims of being a global actor. While Russia did not join the international coalition against the ISIS headed by the USA, because the permission of the Assad regime had not been obtained for operations in Syrian territory, on September 30th 2015, it began bombing ISIS positions in Syria. While it has been often and loudly claimed that Russia’s main target i not the ISIS but ensuring the protection and continuation of the Assad regime, it should be asked whether the ISIS is a threat or an opportunity for Russia.By Dr. Dilek YiðitYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of May
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