What Washington and Brussels did not want came to pass in Cyprus. However, there must be two people who are very happy at the results of the election. The first of them is Dervis Eroglu, who won a deserved victory. The second ought to be Mehmet Ali Talat! First, there was Rauf Denktas in Cyprus. Denktas, who resisted the West’s insistence was deemed uncompromising and Mehmet Ali Talat was elected in his place. Talat who gained fame and rose in politics with the slogans “yes be annem” (say yes dear) and “naturally yes” must now be “naturally” happy at the election of Eroglu in his place after six years in power.
When Talat was elected instead of Denktas, the world was happy because it could see across the negotiations table someone who desired a solution with uncommon earnestness, and could negotiate with flexibility. Now, instead of the uncompromising Denktas, there was the compromising Talat and the solution would take place. Denktas, whom Talat accused of being opposed to a solution withdrew from politics. However, despite being party to solution, Talat could not compromise with the other side. He could not solve the problem. In the beginning this was normal. For on the other side of the table was Tassos Papadopoulos. The uncompromising and anti-solution Papadopoulos lost the elections and was replaced by Hristofyas. The pro-solution, good willed, desirous of a solution in earnest and flexible Hristofyas... What Denktas could not do, neither could Talat.
What Papadopoulos did not consent to, neither did Hristofyas. Now the Eroglu period has begun. Some commentators have already branded Eroglu as being opposed to a solution and opposed to negotiations. Just as they had supported Talat as though he had a magical wand, one touch of which would have solved the Cyprus issue. However, the process has shown that nothing has changed. Let us now ask: is Hristofyas that different than Papadopoulos? Can Eroglu achieve what Talat could not with his comrade? We shall have to wait and see.
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