When I heard of Papadopoulos’ death, I said to myself “I will never write news on Tassos again”. Other than being a rich subject of writing for me, Papadopoulos was also a very boring topic. One should not speak too soon though and now, just a year later, I am hitting the same keys on the keyboard for Papadopoulos, who appears before my eyes with his Clark Gable hair, Erol Flynn moustache and brown jacket with large squares. The investigation commenced by the Greek Cypriot police regarding the theft of Papadopoulos’ body from his tomb in the Deftera cemetery is still underway and no concrete evidence has been found yet.
The police assume that the body was removed from the grave “late during the previous night or early in the morning on the day of the incident”, as though there is any other possibility. It is difficult to answer who may have taken Papadopoulos’ remains. It cannot be the Turks. No Turk can get that close to Papadopoulos’ grave. Furthermore, the Turks did not want to see Papadopoulos while he was alive, why would they want his corpse? The thieves cannot be related to the organ mafia. It is not possible for any part of Papadopoulos, who died of cancer at the age of 74 to fall within their field of interest. In a year much of the body would have decomposed. The possibility that someone who greatly admired Papadopoulos, a fanatic, having carried out this act is also negligible. The remains would be conspicuous by the stench and such an enterprise would be heard of immediately in a small place like Cyprus. The police would enter the house with special white protective clothing and masks and would take the body into legal custody. The “Africa Newspaper” published in Northern Cyprus claims that Papadopoulos was removed by his wife Fotini and the remains were taken to France.
This claim must be based on serious grounds for the Greek Cypriot police, acting on the report, have searched the Strakka Farm, Papadopoulos’ summer residence and in churches belonging to the Greek Cypriot Archdiocese. In his will Papadopoulos stated that he wanted to be buried in Paris until the Turks left the island completely. Could this be the case? Another claim is that this is a ransom issue. The “Elefterotipia” newspaper has written that “the police are considering the possibility that Serbian businessmen who had economic misunderstandings with Papadopoulos may have stolen the remains in order to extract ransom from the family”.
Indeed, a Serbian businessman by the name of Petrac Corgevic, who owns an off-shore business in the south of the island was interrogated by the police. During the 90s, when the UN embargo was still in place, Serbia had transferred millions of dollars worth of funds to Cyprus, through firms set up by the Papadopoulos law firm, in order to be able to buy arms and munitions. The Serbian businessman Corgevic had sued with the claim that the money sent to firms set up by Papadopoulos also included 300 thousand Cypriot pounds which belonged to him. The Serbian businessman had lost the case on grounds of insufficient evidence.
The trip Papadopoulos’ wife Fotini took to Zurich caused rumours that she had gone to negotiate a ransom. This claim is not logical. No one’s bones, let alone Papadopoulos’, can be worth that much. 300,000 Cypriot pounds is worth approximately USD 731,000. I did a little research; the Christie’s Auctioneers in Paris auctioned off an extinct baby dinosaur, aged 135 million years, from the family Psittacosaurus for USD 260,000 and the skeleton of an extinct female sabre toothed tiger, aged 55 million years for USD 220,000. Therefore, there is no basis behind asking for USD 731,000 for the remains of Papadopoulos, a member of the non-extinct EOKA family, aged 74 years. Could this business be related with other covert operations and secret armies? 3 Greek soldiers, who served for five years in Cyprus as mercenaries were taken into custody by the police, interrogated and then released.
The three soldiers were seen in a military ambulance in the area of the graveyard and at the time of day when Papadopoulos’ remains were taken. But obviously the three soldiers and the ambulance is unrelated, for otherwise they would not have been released. I had a look on Facebook. There are 13 sites related to Papadopoulos. No disrespect meant to the dead, their membership total is around 5 to 6 thousand. I do not think anything will come out of there, but perhaps one should try Twitter.
Yet, there is one hopeful development. It has been reported that the Papadopoulos family has asked for the parapsychologist Uri Geller’s assistance. The parapsychologist Uri Geller bends spoons on TV. Geller has received a file from the police containing the photos of Papadopoulos’ grave and its environs. I am optimistic. I think Geller has a good chance. I hope there will be no one who becomes anxious of Geller’s psychic abilities and decides to stop her.
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