Nagorno-Karabagh has been the scene of heavy fighting for over a month. Since the last ceasefire there have been repeated violations and Azerbaijan and Armenia have accused one another. Once more civilians have paid the heaviest cost for the fighting and Azerbaijan suffered the greater civilian losses as usual.Some rumours are circulating in the international media that Armenia wants to settle with Azerbaijan and withdraw from the occupied territories. Whichever diplomats or politicians come up with such claims, it does not take a lot to see them for the lies they are.
According to the rumour mill, Nagorno-Karabagh will be transformed into an autonomous zone with comprehensive powers and in return Armenia will withdraw from the territories it currently occupies.This is outright nonsense. For Armenians, who have never given up their aim of taking over Eastern Anatolia for a hundred years, Nagorno-Karabagh is the same as Mount Ararat. It is a passion they write and tell about and have coded into their genes. It would be impossible for someone to come up and state that Armenia has given up on this objective. That someone, on top of it all, is supposed to be Serge Sarkisyan, who has become a symbolic name in Armenia after 20 years of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.This nonsense also involves the Aland Model. Put very simply, this allows for the people of a particular region to be the citizens of two different states. This model applies between Sweden and Finland. It is claimed that it could apply successfully to Armenia and Azerbaijan.
One would think that the history of relations between Finland and Sweden does not involve gouging out the eyes of children, eviscerating pregnant women and putting old people to the stake. That being the case, the two nations could have agreed on the said model. Would Armenia and Azerbaijan be able to agree over Karabagh similarly?
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